Hello, my name is Chad Brown, I am a private practice career counselor located in Maitland and serving clients all across Central Florida.

I have previous professional experiences in substance abuse treatment facilities as well as the criminal justice system.

A lack of quality career counseling and professional development resources often impact those at-risk in our community, preventing them from finding a positive self-sustaining path forward.

These are complicated problems that require collaboration among all of “the helpers” in a diverse group of public, private, and nonprofit settings.

I am now approaching local nonprofits, proposing the idea of collaboration – working together to provide services at a higher level that will provide a more positive self-sustaining future for everyone in our community.

Ways We Could Work Together to Help Others
(Donating My Time & Services)

Ways We Could Work Together to Help Others
(Contracting My Time & Services)

Perhaps the greatest way we could help our community is through collaboration to secure grants that include career services.

Finding funding and securing support for projects that can have meaningful long-term impact for at-risk populations in our community.

I am interested to discuss possibilities for projects together!

“I came with no clear vision or direction. Since I have been seeing Chad weekly, I have more confidence about my career path and I’m excited about my future!”
(College Student)

“Working with Chad provided reassurance that I was heading in the right direction in regards to my career change.”
(Experienced Professional)

“After working with Chad, I am now rethinking everything and can’t wait to implement all of this new information and inspiration to follow my dream.”
(Entrepreneur / Start-Up)

“Scheduling testing was very easy and I liked being able to take the test from home when it was convenient for me. It really doesn’t take more than a half hour, which is super convenient.”
(High School Student)

“I anticipate using some of the findings from my assessment results to better communicate who I am and what I am capable of with future employers.”
(Young Professional)

“My assessment results will help because they gave me a clear path and options that I did not know previously existed.”
(Experienced Professional)