Millennial Monday
Every Monday features an article or infographic related to the millennial generation (those born 1981 - 1997).

Chad Brown is a member of this generation, and specializes in working with other millennials through career counseling, business coaching, and more.
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Topic Tuesday
Every Tuesday we take a deeper look at specific topics impacting our personal and professional lives (Electric cars, Automation, Customer Service, the Gig Economy, and more).
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Wellness Wednesday
Chad Brown practices career counseling within a wellness model, instead of the medical diagnostic model often utilized to formally diagnose a problem and then "fix you", and we are located inside The Maitland Wellness Center!

We believe that the struggles related to career counseling and professional development are natural and part of the human experience, this does not mean you need a diagnosis or anything is wrong with you.

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Thankful Thursday
Every Thursday features a positive testimonial from a recent client, describing their experience with Chad Brown and our counseling or consulting services.
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Fortune Friday
Every Friday features words of wisdom, metaphors, and analogies based on our recently received fortune cookies!
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